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All About The Gang Behind Alitia's Animals!

this is Josh CaryIf you're looking for an enthusiastic, considerate, experienced New York City pet sitter, Alitia's Animals is your dream come true!

We've been providing New Yorkers with alternatives to kennel boarding their pets while they're away since 2008.

Our sitters love, snuggle, walk, and play with cats and dogs in their own homes, or in guest houses all over the city.

Whatever works best for you and your furry friend, we're here to provide it.

When we say Alitia's Animals is a New York City pet sitting business, we mean it. We understand pets, and we understand NYC.

Our founder, Josh, has lived on the Lower East Side for fifteen years — in the same building his mother and his grandfather lived in!

And Josh has always loved pets, especially dogs, ever since he met his very first shih tzu, Gizmo, when he was a boy.

Josh began working with a pet sitting service in 2007 and 'learned the ropes' from an experienced caregiver. When that business became so successful that further expansion wasn't desired, the owner suggested Josh strike out on his own to found Alitia's (pronounced uh-LEASH-uh) Animals — so that's what he did!

Today, Alitia's Animals is a thriving pet-sitting service offering a full range of care options for owners who have to leave their furry friend behind for some reason.

We know one of the hardest parts of any vacation or business trip is figuring out what to do with your pet — and if you travel regularly, it can be even harder on you and your animal.

Cats and dogs appreciate consistency, so when you're considering boarding your dog in NYC, or finding a cat-sitter, we believe it's best to provide your pet with friendly, dependable sitter.

That's why we do what we can to find you a pet-sitter who 'connects' with your pet, and re-schedule you with the same person every time, if possible. That way, you won't leave — or come back to — a stressed out, unhappy pet, and can get back to 'business as usual' upon your return.

Alitia's Animals offers a range of services to suit your needs and tastes, including:

  • Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding: Your pet will be the 'guest of honor' in our pet sitter's home! Unless otherwise requested, we never double-book our sitters, so your pet will be the VIP and the star of the show. Best of all, our dog boarders either work from home or are away from their homes for no more than four hours at a stretch, so your pup will get all-day care.
  • Cat sitting: We spend a full half-hour with your cat every day you're away.
  • Our cat-sitters clean your cat's box, as well as their water and food dishes every day, and provide all the snuggles your cat could wish for!
  • Dog Walking: We don't believe in pack walking — your dog will be walked by someone who gives him or her their undivided attention each time. We're also happy to feed your dog before or after walkies!
  • Sleepovers: We here at Alitia's Animals know some pets don't want to leave their homes, especially when their owners are gone. For these pets, we have trusted employees who will live in your home while you're away, ensuring your cat or dog is 100% comfortable when you have to leave for a time.
  • Hotel Visits: Looking for a pet sitter in NYC while you're just visiting our beautiful city? We have sitters who will come to your New York hotel and stay with your dog or cat while you're out and about, doing what you need to do.

Of course, the only way to know for sure if your dog or cat will like our NYC pet sitters is to give us a call or send us an email! We include a complimentary meet-and-greet with our services, so there's no risk. Contact us today, and we'll get you set up with the high-quality, personalized care your pet deserves.

Contact Us Today and meet your perfect pet sitter tomorrow!

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