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Hooray for Responsible, Reliable & Just Plain Good Dog Boarding in New York!

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Finding the right dog boarding service in New York should not be a chore. Once you discover the perfect match, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that every time you must leave town without your dog, one brief call to Alitia's Animals will make certain all is set and you can go about your day.

Dog Boarding in New York

We hear it all the time; "It's like a vacation for my dog, too!" And that's exactly what it becomes when you book with us.

How Does Dog Boarding Work?

Simply put, when you choose Alitia's Animals for the professional and responsible care of your dog, it's like dropping off your pooch at your best friend's house, and she cares for it while you're away. Only we are your best friend. And, really, from our experience, the relationship that your dog develops with our pet sitter is priceless.

You'll read about it in the updates, you'll see it in the photos, and you'll witness it the next time your dog arrives back at the pet sitter's home. Full run of the home, complete couch and bed privileges, and all the love and affection they can handle assure your dog gets little to no disruption in their daily routine.

Where will my dog stay?

The beauty of our dog boarding service is that your dog becomes the only dog staying in our pet sitter's home. One-on-one attention all day and all night. Our dog boarders work from home making certain company is kept around the clock. We have loving sitter host homes throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens for your convenience.

Once we match you with your ideal sitter, you'll have the opportunity to chat on the phone with them and set up a convenient time to bring your dog over for a complimentary playdate. You'll be amazed at the amenities, chemistry and service every dog receives. You can then set up a good time to drop off your dog before your leave.

Do you provide pick-up and drop-off service?

If you are unable to personally pick-up or drop-off your dog, we highly recommend the Pet Chauffeur to transport your dog for you. Many of our clients have used their service in the past. Feel free to let us know when you book that you plan on using the Pet Chauffeur and we'll lead you in the right direction.

Remember, we offer a complimentary playdate for your peace of mind to help you make an informed decision. Call us today and set up your meet-n-greet as early as tomorrow!

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