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Pricing Structure

dog boarding in new york

Please review our dog boarding fees, cat boarding fees, cat sitting fees and other service fees below. Since our goal is simply to keep your pet out of cages or from being boarded up with over a dozen other dogs, you'll notice our pricing structure is comparable, flexible and sometimes even more affordable than the other options available.

Please consider our pricing as comparable to all other options. We highly recommend you shop around to see how we differ not only in fees but also in quality of service and professionalism.

We are confident you'll love what we offer — and how we offer it to you!

Service Highlights:

  • Your pet is the only pet in the sitter's home
  • Receive daily Email Updates from your sitter
  • Your pet gets full couch and bed privileges
  • We follow your instructions when it comes to feeding time, play time and medications (if applicable)
  • Our dog boarders work from home, assuring round-the-clock attention and supervision
  • Meet your sitter before-hand with no obligation or payment required

*Since fees are based on a variety of factors including length of stay, special needs of pet and service requested, please contact us today for an accurate estimate and so we may answer any additional questions you may have.

  • Cat Sitting Please Call or Email For Specific Quote.
  • Dog Walking No pack walking here! Please Call or Email For Quote.
  • Cat Boarding Give Your Cat Indoor Freedom! Please Call or Email For Quote.
  • Dog Boarding We customize ALL of our services to you and your pet's needs. Please Call or Email For Quote.

Remember, this is private one-on-one in home boarding comparable in rate to your other options!

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