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While You're Away Is Our Time To Shine

The major portion of our responsibility begins the moment you part with your pet. Whether your pet is staying in one of our loving sitter host homes, or our sitter is stopping in to care for your pet in their home, this is our chance to shine! Our pet sitters are trained, college-educated professionals who love what they do and always go above and beyond for the comfort of your pet. Our goal is to allow the client to tend to their business at hand while knowing their pet is in good hands and being well taken care of.

We accomplish this goal in a variety of ways. First, the information you provide us in the service agreement becomes the pet sitter manual for your pet. It includes contact info while you're away, along with emergency contact and veterinary info. If you do not have a local vet, the vet information you provide can be used to obtain current medical records. There is also space in the service agreement to list feeding schedule, likes and dislikes and any special instructions your pet may require.

If your pet requires veterinary care and can not, or should not, be moved from the home, we call in Dr. Bruce Lowenstein to the rescue! Dr. Lowenstein is a New York-based veterinarian who makes house calls. He can provide internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, vaccinations and more. We utilize and recommend Dr. Bruce whole heartily for the security and comfort of your pet's well being.

Lastly, most clients ask if they can call the pet sitter to check in on their furry loved one while they are away. We say absolutely, but we take it a step further. Each day your pet is in our care, the pet sitter will send you Email Updates (even text messages or phone calls, if you prefer) to let you know the latest adventures your pet is enjoying! These updates are not a few lines of text recycled for each client, but rather specific details about the growing relationship that read like little novellas.

Below are some email updates sent to our most recent clients (we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do!)

Hello Tom,

Po continues to surprise me: She shakes her head now only a little bit--and that is when she first goes out onto the balcony. (I open the door as soon as I arrive so she can go out there at her leisure.) Moreover she comes into the living room when she hears me preparing her food. She then sits and waits for me to serve her. I serve her food on the balcony or in the hallway outside the bathroom. She always eats right away.

As of last night she likes to lay on the bed with one paw stretched out over the side: She has a sort of queenly pose when she does this that indicates (to me) that she is feeling more alert and happy.

I am doing ok with the ear solution and drops: She is struggling and I am getting only a portion of either in....but I am getting some in and she is looking better each time I see her. (She is also not hiding from me under the bed now.) My thought is to take her for a check up next week--so that I can see what the doctor thinks of her condition. My plan is to contact him on Monday unless I hear something different from you!

.......I have watered the plants.

Many blessings on your trip,

Hey Natalie!

I hope your trip is going well. Here is the update:

Although he was a bit standoffish the first couple days, Dante and I are really bonding and he's following me everywhere. He seems to be eating a bit more, though he won't eat by the bowl. He likes to take a mouthful of food and partially eat it while walking across the room. He's also been dropping it in the corner and than eating it. He seemed to enjoy the walk over the bridge. He kept looking over the sides trying to figure out how we were so high up. I been giving him lots of lovin' and of course he is doing a lot of relaxing. Take care and I will keep you posted.


Hi there April,

I just wanted to check in and let you know that all is fine over here at the doggy holiday camp :-)

Dallas settled in right away and has been an absolute joy. She's totally chilling out and appears to be feeling right at home, she's just gorgeous and we're having a grand old time so far.

Have a safe flight and a great weekend. I'll call or text you with update soon with any late breaking news as it comes to hand, but in the meantime as of this morning I wanted to confirm for your peace of mind that all is well!


Hi Katherine!

I had a great visit with Mr. Muggles, Mr. Magoo and Giada earlier this evening. They're doing just fine. They ate all their food and then we played with their toys and I brushed Mr. Muggles and Mr. Magoo (Giada preferred to play with her mouse). All three have been pretty vocal during my visits and they seem to really enjoy playing with whatever toys we find.

I scooped the litter and will take the litter garbage out again on Wednesday.

Hope you're enjoying your trip!


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